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Breaking News - 03/21/19
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Senate Testimony
The Georgia General Assembly is considering what is perhaps the most important piece of economic legislation in a half century – who and what body should govern Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. I’m posting this platform and videos because years of research has led me to believe that you are financially and economically harmed by decades of documented collusion and corruption at the airport. Senate bill 131 would create a state board to replace the City of Atlanta as the governing authority, but also includes a provision for the repeal of the legislation if the city and General Assembly agree on a joint governance plan by the year 2020. I have studied the airport – in depth – since 1996. On October 3rd, 2018 the Senate study committee that considered Senate bill 131 called me to testify. You can view that testimony on this page, as well as the city’s response. Specifically, the committee wanted to understand the sources and patterns of corruption I and other journalists discovered and reported over the past two plus decades. Following my testimony, an attorney representing the city took the podium and stated that a city representative would refute my testimony the next time the committee convened. When that date arrived, the city chose not to refute my testimony. We are also posting a link to the hearing in its entirety, so that every Georgian can better form an opinion regarding who and what body should govern Georgia’s largest economic asset, and I encourage you to share your opinion with your elected representatives, including House Speaker David Ralston and Governor Brian Kemp – whose contact information appears on this site. I should note, the study committee which consisted of 8 republicans and 5 democrats, voted unanimously to move the legislation forward.

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Dale Cardwell is an investigative journalist and a long-time Atlanta resident. He hosts the consumer-problem solving television show TrustDALE Investigates which airs in Atlanta as well as the national web platform